3rd Annual Peptides Congress 2016

Over 350 peptides, proteins and biosimilars attendees representing global pharmaceutical organizations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions

Over 20 presentations and case studies focused on the key areas in the peptides industry

Two-day interactive conference addressing the following topics:

  • Enabling Technologies for Peptide Screening, Synthesis and Modification
  • Peptide Case Studies: Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical Development, Therapeutic Applications, Peptide Formulation and Delivery

Co-located with the 9th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress and 4th Annual Biosimilars & Biobetters Congress

14 pre-scheduled one to one meetings, exhibition and informal networking opportunities

Oxford Global Conferences are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Peptides Congress, taking place in April 2016 in London, UK. The conference provides an exclusive opportunity for over 350 experts working in different areas of the peptides industry to exchange their experiences, engage in scientific discussions and network with senior-level attendees about the most pressing challenges of the industry.

Peptides qualify to be used for various therapeutic solutions to address the growing horizons of medical challenges. It is estimated that the global peptide therapeutics market will reach $25 billion by 2018. Thanks to the opportunities novel technologies, applications and numerous studies focusing on peptides offer, the industry is flourishing more than ever.

Day one will explore enabling technologies for peptide screening, synthesis and modification. Internationally renowned leaders will address new approaches for high-throughput screening, novel peptide conjugation strategies to enhance potency and half-life and activating different synthesis technologies. Presentations will explore the future opportunities in peptide design and creating diversity within peptide libraries.

Day two of the congress will focus on peptide case studies covering discovery, preclinical and clinical development, therapeutic applications, peptide formulation and delivery. Esteemed experts will deliver presentations on enhancing the oral bioavailability and drugability of peptides, updates in discovery and preclinical and clinical development. Delegates will also have the opportunity to learn about recent developments involving cell-penetrating peptides, macrocyclic, polypeptides and bioactive peptides.

The 3rd Annual Peptides Congress forms part of Oxford Global’s highly successful Biologics Series. For more information on other events in this series, please see the details below:


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